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Fertility First Steps

The first step starts here.

If you’re finding it hard to get pregnant, Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties can help. We have programs and services to meet all your reproductive health needs — including fertility evaluation.

Fertility First Steps is a program for women and men who have been trying to conceive for at least one year (six months for women over 35). We look at the possible reasons you may be having problems conceiving and help you with:

  • Meeting with a trained fertility clinician.
  • Testing, monitoring, and basic treatment for both women and men, including referrals for checking fallopian tubes and semen analysis.
  • Sending you to a partnering specialist for advanced fertility treatments.

You’re not alone!

About 11% of women have trouble getting or staying pregnant.

*CDC 2010 (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) Data from National Survey of Family Growth

To schedule an appointment or to learn more, call 877.807.8675 or visit

Want an easy way to keep track of your period?

Try the new “Spot On” app from Planned Parenthood. This period tracker allows you to understand your cycle, record symptoms and moods, and gives resources on anything and everything that could be affecting your cycle.

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To schedule an appointment for all other services provided by Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties, please call:

Orange County: 714.922.4100
San Bernardino County: 909.890.5511

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